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HOSA Officers




Hello! I’m Jasmine, a sophomore at Horizons and president of the local HOSA chapter. In the future I would like to be a medical sonographer working in an Emergency Room. In my free time I like to read, cook and bake, and watch my favorite tv shows. I joined HOSA because it seemed like the perfect opportunity to cultivate my passion for all things medical.




Hi, I’m Niala and I’m the vice president of Horizons HOSA. I’m interested in becoming a pediatric surgeon. I chose to be a part of HOSA because I knew that I would get to experience more in the healthcare field.




Hi. I am Emma. I am 16 and the secretary for our HOSA Chapter. When I graduate high school, I either want to be a sonography tech or a radiology tech. I enjoy taking, pictures and love science. These careers combine pictures and science, my two favorite things. I joined HOSA my freshman year to increase my knowledge of the medical field.




I’m Harry, a junior at Horizons Center for Independent Study. I joined Horizons in August of 2017 as a sophomore. I volunteer weekly at Kaiser Permanente and I am the treasurer of the Horizons HOSA Chapter. I aspire to become a nurse practitioner and I look forward to learning more about the medical world.




Hi, I’m Jenna and I am a sophomore at Horizons and the co-historian.I would like to be an Oncologist or Surgical Oncologist in the future.My hobbies include reading, watching true crime documentaries, yoga, and napping.I joined HOSA to make friends with people who share the same passion for health care careers.


Hi, My name is Morgyn. I am a sophomore in high school and am a historian in the Horizons’ HOSA chapter. I am interested in becoming a veterinarian when I'm older. I joined the Horizons Hosa chapter is a perfect opportunity to become familiar with medical related vocabulary and activities that help with setting a foundation for your future.