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Things you may not know about Horizons CIS

Things you may not know about Horizons CIS

Horizons School is WASC accredited, the same as the comprehensive high schools.


Students in Horizons School can participate in athletics at their home school.  (Students must take two courses at the comprehensive high school, meet CIF and the comprehensive high school graduation requirements, and be eligible.)


Horizons School students can do activities such as dances and proms at their comprehensive high school.  (There are forms to be signed.)


Students at Horizons School can graduate at their comprehensive high school. They have to meet the comprehensive high school graduation requirements..


Students in Horizons are required to be “fulltime” students in the program.  That means that they must take at least four courses, or 20 credits, in the program, no matter what they are doing elsewhere.


Academic graduation requirements Horizons School is 200 credits and meeting all core academic requirements.


Students in Horizons School can graduate early.


Horizons School students graduate immediately, as soon as they have completed all the requirements.  They are graduates as of that day and do not have to continue at school.  They will receive their diploma at the graduation ceremony or they can pick it up in the office after graduation.


Horizons School students can take courses at DVC as part of their high school program.  These courses count for both high school and college (and earn much more credit than high school courses).


Students can take one or two courses at their comprehensive high school, as long as there is room 


Students in Horizons School can begin classes at any time and end classes at any time;  not just at the beginning or end of a semester. 


Horizons School gives variable credit.  Students receive credits for the work they have done (in increments of 0.5). 



Horizons School is not a catch-up program Students can go faster than at regular school.  But it usually takes as much time or longer to learn the material well enough to pass and earn credit.


Horizons School can find ways for Horizons students to do almost every elective offered at regular schools.  Talk to your teacher.


Course requirements can be individualized to meet the unique needs of each student.


If a student misses two appointments, or fails 60 hours worth of required work, Horizons School is required by law to do an Evaluation for Continuing Enrollment, which requires parent involvement.  That evaluation determines whether the student gets to stay in program.  This evaluation is done in writing and is placed in the student’s cum folder.