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Distance Learning Overview

This page explains and summarizes our approach to independent study and distance learning.


What is Distance Learning at Horizons?

  • Distance Learning offers daily instruction remotely for K-8 through virtual, online face-to-face meetings, online instruction, and daily communication. 


Distance Learning

We recognize that each and every student is unique and adaptable to a wide variety of teaching settings and approaches. We have observed over time how students adjust to  distance learning. Students can be successful when both student learning style and academic curriculum match well. Here are some indicators of success that suggest how well students may perform academically at our school based on current and past student experiences.


Students who may do well with independent study

  • Are on track for graduation 
  • Are strong communicators and work well independently
  • Have a consistent attendance record
  • Have strong time management skills
  • Work well with flexible schedules
  • Are looking for a long term (one year or more) program for high school graduation
  • Enjoy working in small groups and need less social interaction
  • As an English Language Learner, has met the ELD level of 3 or higher to read the approved curriculum to meet UC a-g standards
  • Students who have IEP’s or 504’s that DO NOT require daily interactions or specialized instruction.

Students who may find independent study challenging

  • Are in need of credit recovery to graduate
  • Struggle with attendance
  • Students who enjoy attending school daily
  • Students who like the routine of daily classes
  • Students who enjoy daily social interaction with students and staff
  • Students who are English Language Learners and have an ELD level of 2 or lower may struggle to read the approved curriculum to meet UC a-g standards
  • Students with IEP’s or 504 plans that require daily support and interaction with trained specialists. 


Students who believe independent study challenging and are interested in other possibilities may consider additional support through Prospect High, Olympic High, or our California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) program.

If there are questions about our school and programs, please contact our school's main office.