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June 2017
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May 2018
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Mad Scientists?

Horizons Staff Directory

Horizons CIS Staff

Call 925-682-8000 then enter the extensions below:



Melissa Brennan, Principal (ext 3907)

Carlene Hunt, Office Manager (ext 3960)

Adam Ling, NSHS Clerical Support (ext 3952)

Carolyn Goetz, Community Service Assistant (ext 3999)


Teachers and Counselors

Steve Clemmons

Tony Gallardo (ext 3961)

Jeff Hagerstrand (ext 3953)

Sol Henik (ext 3965)

Nicola James  (ext 3968)

Travis Kriel  (ext 3967)

Courtney Longua

Terri Martinez  (ext 3963)

Paula Nelson  (ext 3966)

Noel Rohland (ext 3958)

Janese Rubin (ext 3949)

James Saldivar