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Textbook Access

For Horizons Students Only

These resources are paid for by Mt. Diablo School District and assigned for use by Horizons students.  Please do not share this information with others.






Text Read Aloud

Also Available

Math –

Algebra I


Algebra II

Go To Free Easy Access Home Edition

Choose “Common Core High School” and “Go”

Choose text: Algebra I, Geometry or Algebra II


Big Ideas Math – Common Core High School

No Code Needed


Accessed by chapter and section

No Code Needed


Choose Speaker icon toward the top left of the page.

Click on text to be read aloud in textbook – it will display a blue box around the words to be read.

 Cannot read blank tables

By  Section: Hardback Text, Dynamic Solutions Tool (odd answers to hardback text), Math Took Papers (print out to assist with assignments on the page – like blank graphs);

Glossary; Flash Cards; Skills Review Handbook with odd answers ; Game Closet; Practice tests

World History

Go To


Generic Username: hcisk

Generic Password: CIS94523  (ALL CAPS, Use the letter “I”, not number)

Choose “Go to the Online Textbook”


Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction (2012)

Code Needed for Access (see login instructions  <-)

 Choose Chapter and Section on top left.

Code Needed for Access (see login instructions  <-)


2 Ways to Listen:

1 – On each page there is a black arrow on the left.  Click it and it will expand the column.  Choose “Section Audio”

2 - Choose “Audio” from top tabs and listen or download the podcast.

By Tab:

eActivities: Primary sources, Videos to extending info, Vocabulary flipcards.

References: Atlas, Glossary, Index, etc.

Student Resources:

Chapters in brief, Other resources by sections (on right column)

US History



Go To


Generic Username: STUDENTH332

Generic Password: Horizons2018

Click on the picture of the book.


US History & Geography: Modern Times 2016 Student Edition

Code Needed for Access (see login instructions  <-)


Choose the Student Lesson tab. Directly under the tab, use the pull down to  the Chapter.  Click to the right to see the lesson or resource

Code Needed for Access (see login instructions  <-)


After choosing the Chapter and Lesson, there will be a page from the book shown.  Just above the textbook page will be choices for text size, headphones, printing and writing.  Click on the headphones to have the page read aloud


Audio can also be found under the tab “Resources” at the very end of the available Tools.

Videos are included while reading the eText. Skills Builder have additional informative videos and practice skills.

Resources offer all primary sources, additional information and videos.  Test Prep has basic information on how to write different types of answers on tests.  Assessment sample questions can be found under each chapter after the last lesson on the tab.

U. S. Government

Go To

Login: Choose “Sign In”

Generic Username: 2017-18Student

Generic Password: 4HorizonsProspect

Choose “Go to the Online Textbook”

Icon: stacked books

Background: pyramids

Magruder’s American Government

Code Needed for Access (see login instructions <-)


From first webpage choose “Classes” in the big red button.

Choose “Magruder’s American Government eText” on the right hand side.

Choose “Open in a new window”

You can use the “Next” and “Back” to move through a chapter, or choose “Menu” in the top right corner of page, and then choose “Table of Contents”

Code Needed for Access (see login instructions <-)


The first page is the Copyright cannot be read aloud.  After that all pages can be read aloud by choosing the Speaker icon in the top left next to the book page.

From the home page, choose “Programs” in the Green button.  Choose the “Topic” then title of information or “Lesson”.  Resources including videos, overviews, samples of test  questions (please do not write in or “Submit” because this will close the  item and no else can look at that page or activity.)


Home page:


Audio Chapter Download: 

Economics: Concepts and Choices (2011 edition)

Code Needed


Accessed by chapter and section

No Code Needed


Either directly click on the link to the left for Audio Chapter Download or

Go to the Home page for the text (listed to the left).  Choose the Activity Center heading on far right.  Audio downloads can be accessed on that page.


From the home page, you can choose test reviews, videos, current events, research materials and more.  There are only a few areas that need a code.